Teenagers - Running Away From Home

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With stress from school, parents, it can be hard for teenagers to cope with everyday stress. Which leads teens searching for an escape, while some are more drastic than others. Millions of children run away to avoid their problems and stress. Teens need to learn an alternative on how to cope with these problems instead of hiding away from them.
When children contemplate about running away, many times they are trying to run away from something. Parenting is one of the main causes for teens to run away from their homes. Whether it is from alcohol and or substance abuse, divorce, sexual abuse, physical abuse, or just the lack of love and compassion the teen begs for. Without the motivation teens need from parents makes them feel like they are unwanted. This will make teens believe the best way to cope is avoid the problem at hand and run away.
Teenagers want to take risks and be independent. Being on their own in the world seems like it will solve all of their problems. As of now it has become very easy for teenagers to be in contact with drugs and alcohol. If a teen starts becoming addicted to those habits, the parents may not approve of it. The teen will then sneak off and do it without the parents knowing.
Once teens run away they are faced with immediate adulthood, and adult consequences. The teens do not have the opportunity to graduate from high school or obtain a GED, so they cannot apply for higher end jobs. They will not be able to support themselves in the future as successfully as a person who had graduated college, or even a person who only graduated high school. There is a high risk of being arrested for becoming homeless and running away, due to both acts being illegal. Also, if the child is struggling to find food, he or she may steal it from a store. As for women who run away, they have a much higher risk of being kidnapped and/or raped if they live alone on the streets. When being a runaway, it can be hard to recover ...

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