The Positive Influence of a Smile

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A smile costs nothing but gives much more than you think. Oftentimes, we just smile without any reasons or attentions. It is a characteristic that there’s no proper way of doing, unless it’s a fake one. A smile can make you attractive, support your personality and make other people around you happy as well. It also has an effect on your physical state. Songs, movies, or books mention the positive of smile to encourage people and let them know that smile is simple but extraordinary. Don’t underestimate the influence of a smile because a smile has many benefits which can affect a person’s personality and health.
There’re many ways of communication; speech, television, radio, telephone, books, letter, Internet, computer, and etc. However a smile is one of the most strongest communication tools and many people spend their entire lives not knowing how to properly use it. It is a simple gesture that helps you improve your communication skills.
“72% of people think of those who smile frequently as being more confident and successful” (SMILE!). As I said that a smile has a big influence on people’s personality. A simple smile can be described more than words. Confidence comes along from a smile. For instance, you’re going to apply for a job and you’re so nervous. It won’t be good if you entirely express your nervousness. In other hand, if you’re smiling, your personality will be changed and lastly your mind of anxiety. A smile just stands for yourself to who you really are. Even sometimes you’re not what other people think but at least you make them think that you’re more than what you are. It’s like you’re not that successful but you’ve got a character of an achiever. Smiling people are always to be promoted and approached. Smiling make you successful also, this is a success which is truly fulfilling. How good it is if you are a winner with your loved ones cheering at you and with a humble smile thanking the...

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