Why I'm Becoming a Drum Major

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The reason why I want to be drum major is that I want to change the band for the better and improve how the band acts, marches, and to show how the band can feel like one tight family like it has before. I feel that I have the experience to become drum major because of JROTC. They have taught us how to become leader in the organization and how to treat others. Their goal was to make young people to become better citizens in society. My mind if I become drum major is to make everyone better than who they were yesterday. As long as you know how to fix your mistake, then the past is useless and the future is what you decide. In JROTC, they showed how we can help society change for the better socially and mentally.
Like marching for example. In JROTC, they showed us true basics on how to march step by step and then later on in the year, they let us march right away because we know mentally we can march. That is the same idea I would use if I became drum major. I would make sure they know the basics, then later on when they have the basics down, we can move on to different types of marching. JROTC helped me out a lot in vocal commands. In JROTC, they break our shyness shells and teach us how to use our command voice. Without clean communication, the members of the band will not get the command and we will waste time going back and doing it all over again. Last JROTC taught how to deal with students. They taught us to encourage them while they are well behaved, make sure they are focused to the task at hand, and they make sure they are accountable to both them and to their peers. Without JROTC teaching me all of these things, I might not have the confidence to write this paper and even audition for drum major.
Another reason why I feel like I should be drum major is because I want to change the band for the better and to make one family again. As the years go by, the students feel like they can do what they want to do. I can help by maint...

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