Bushfires in Australia

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The frequent bushfires of Australia have a nature which can only be described as destructive. The unstoppable, erratic flames can demolish communities within minutes. The origins of the bushfire are typically influenced by a variety of natural and man induced causes. These tragedies effect the Australian communities with one relentless blow, they can be harmful both environmentally and economically. Our recovery strategies as a country including financial and grief support are very effective in helping the affected.
Basic factors such as the presence of fuel and oxygen in conjunction with wind speeds, temperature and lightning account for the majority of natural causes and arsonists compromise the man provoked bushfires. The fuel load of a fire determines the intensity, smaller pieces of fuel such as twigs will burn faster particularly when they are dry however larger tree trunks will not burn as easily. Wind operates as the driver of the flames by directing them into fresh fuel and giving an incessant supply of oxygen. Higher temperatures will also result in the likelihood of establishing or continuing fires as the fuel is closer to the ignition point. Lightning however is the principal cause for ignitions and justifies for fifty per cent of Australian bushfires ignitions. Deliberately lighting fires or arsonists are increasing and form 25% of the ignitions of Australia. Accidental causes such as unattended campfires contribute to a minor portion.
The Australian communities suffer from agricultural loss, a damaged environment, a stunted economy and social distress all from the aftermath of this one disaster. Agriculturally, crops and entire plantations will be abolished due to the flames. The soil will be turned to ash and become unable to be reused therefore resulting in a new required location for farming. Economically, the loss is colossal, the destruction of homes, industries and major economic providers such as agricultural cr...

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