Acts of Dishonesty

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Today, dishonesty is very prevalent in the society. Every day, some acts and forms of dishonesty around us. I personally witnessed a few acts on dishonesty and I felt that people should not be dishonest in what they do. Some acts of dishonesty includes embezzlement, cheating in exam, stealing things from people or departmental stores and online theft. It is important to do the right thing even if the person involved may be your close friend or family members. In my essay, I am going to share some forms of dishonesty I encountered and how I dealt with them.
An account I encountered the act on dishonesty is at the departmental store. That fateful day was a weekend and I decided to shop for perfumes for my upcoming prom night. While shopping, I saw a suspicious looking girl, putting a bottle of perfume in her bag. She was looking around the surroundings to check if the coast was clear. Upon witnessing, as a civic minded citizen, I immediately alerted the security guard and soon the girl was caught. I was disappointed in the girl’s action and I hope she realised her mistakes and not repeating it again.
The second account I encountered on dishonesty is at the classroom. That time was during recess, and some of my classmates are packing up their bags, while some are doing their duty to clean up the classroom. The cheeky boys in our class were throwing paper balls in the classroom as usual and one of them accidentally throw the paper ball up to the fan and all of a sudden, the fan stopped turning. Soon, recess was over and our form teacher entered our class. She knew something was amiss and she noticed that one of the fans are not turning. She asked what happened and no one dares to own up and confess their mistakes. At the moment in time, I was faced with moral dilemma. I hesitate for a moment as the culprit is my best friend. I can maintain my friendship with him if I do not spill the beans but I decided to do the right thing to tell wha...

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