Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

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hat as Buchbinder (2011:130) states ‘’transposes the originary text into a new mode and/or context and that transposition necessarily creates shifts of meaning and understanding for the audience.’’ The main significant difference between a novel and film is time. A good novel is remembered for the substance of its characters and the aptly described moments within the story. However with a limited time frame in film, the adaptation of the novel to the screen concentrates on different elements of the story which some readers may find lacks the ‘truth’ of the novel.
It is important to note that no previous extensive knowledge of Greek mythology is needed to be able to appreciate the novel or film so both mediums can be appreciated by both a knowing and unknowing audience.
The first significant difference is the variance in the age of Percy in the novel and the film. In the novel, Percy is a twelve year old boy, while in the film he is portrayed as a sixteen year old. This intended audience was considerably chan...

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